List of Oceans

List of Five Oceans from Largest to Smallest

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Indian Ocean
  4. Arctic Ocean
  5. Southern Ocean (also called Antarctic Ocean)

Pacific Ocean

The word pacific means peaceful. The Ocean derives it name from Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. He called the Ocean "mar pacifico". Translation: Peaceful Sea. The Equator Divides the Pacific Ocean into two parts. The North paciific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean. The Size of the Pacific Ocean is larger than all the land mass held together. Most of the volcanoes are located in the Pacific Ocean basin. Many earth quakes happen due to volcanic activity in this area. Map below refers to the location of pacific ocean in World Map.

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Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean is second largest ocean in our Planet. The Ocean derives its name from Atlas from Greek Mythology. The name also is used to refer to modern day Atlas. In the south east, the Atlantic Ocean merges with the Indian Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean was formed during the Jurassic Period. A variety of species are considered be in danger of extinction in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also home to the famous Bermuda Triangle. Airplanes and ships were recorded to mysteriously disappear inside the Bermuda Triangle. Map below refers to Atlantic Ocean in World Map.

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Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean is the third largest Ocean of our planet. The Ocean is also known as Ratnakara in sanskrit. Ratnakara means the "mine of gems". It is the only Ocean to be named after a country (India). Indian ocean has limited marine life, owing to high water temperature. It is the youngest ocean of the major oceans. It covers 20 percent of Earth's surface. It is roughly 5.5 times the size of USA. Map below refers to Indian Ocean in World Map.

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Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest of all the five oceans. It also happens to be the most shallow. It is completely surrounded by North America, Europe and Asia. The Arctic Ocean is almost the same size as Russia. Arctic ocean is also source of most undiscovered petroleum. The Arctic Ocean encompasses the North Pole. Map below refers to Arctic Ocean in World Map.

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Southern Ocean (also called as Antarctic Ocean)

The Southern Ocean is also known as Antarctic Ocean. The South Pole is located in the southern ocean. The largest penguin species, the Emperor penguin lives here. Southern Ocean is restricted to Research as per Treaty. It is also home to Wandering Albatrosses, Blue Whales and fur seals. Map below refers to Southern Ocean in world map.

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